Student Research Opportunities

At the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, we believe that all students must become informed consumers of evidence-based practice, and that participation in research is an essential method for acquiring this skill. Doctor of Physical Therapy students have two options to explore research.

Core curriculum

Within the core curriculum, each student is exposed to three evidence-based practice courses (the EBP series), which consist of understanding the basis of scientific inquiry, appropriate research design (qualitative and quantitative), different elements of research methodology, and analytics.

The three-course EBP series culminates with a capstone project that is performed jointly with a faculty mentor or mentors.

A capstone project allows you to apply the expertise you have developed and integrate different experiences into a single representation of your work. Upon completion of the capstone project, the majority of our students will present their scholarly works at a conference, or will publish their manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

See examples of capstone projects.


Students can also take electives with research-based faculty. These “trans-curricular” electives allow students to participate in a dedicated research project from the first two years of the program. Credit is applied during semester six. Participating in the research elective does not preclude students from taking other practice based electives in semester six.