Faculty Research Areas

Our Research Areas

Exercise and Cardiometabolic Health

Faculty Investigators
Todd Cade, PT, Ph.D
Grace Ditzenberger, DPT Student

Overall, our laboratory aims to study mechanisms of and treatments (nutritional/exercise/pharmacologic/gene therapy) for abnormalities in cardiometabolic disease, focusing on substrate (e.g. amino acid, glucose, fatty acid) metabolism, energetic, and functional abnormalities in skeletal muscle, heart, adipose tissue, liver and brain. 

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Neurological Rehabilitation

Faculty Investigator
Jody Feld, PT, DPT, PhD

Lindsay Heffron, DPT Student

Overall, our research aims are to reduce mobility disability, falls, and chronic sedentary behavior in people living in the community with subacute stroke. In doing this, our intent is to improve their physical activity levels, quality of life, and participation in society. In order to accomplish these aims, we are working on developing individualized multifactorial assessment protocols with strong prognostic value to guide personalized rehabilitation in post-acute care.