Third Year Clinical Internships

With internship locations throughout the United States and the world, sites are selected and approved by Duke DPT's Clinical Education Academic Directors based on each site's mission and how they meet the specific requirements of the DPT program.

During the Summer before their second year, students participate in the Duke DPT Match Day to determine where they will complete their third year clinical internships. Student input is considered strongly in the Match Day process and students receive guidance from Duke DPT clinical faculty and staff.

Students select a combination of three consecutive, 12-week internships. Most students choose to go to three different clinical sites; however, there are 24- and 36-week clinical options as well.

U.S. locations

While internships vary from year to year, clinical internships are available in 203 affiliating hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practices in 32 states, including Hawaii and the District of Columbia.

Global locations

Today, Duke administers global programs in Norway and Kuwait. Clinical education coordinators are focused on emerging international collaborations in Sri Lanka and Tanzania.



Applications must be submitted through the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). Learn more about the application process.

Contact us

If you have questions regarding our program, contact us at 919-681-4380.